We are a duo of visual artists and storytellers. We trust that everything we can sense has a depth that is often overlooked. Our job is to allow it to be seen and understood with authenticity.

Creative Services

Much of the imagery we see today is drastically digitally altered. As we head into a world of machine learning, images will ultimately bear the question: "Is this real?"

We seek to provide authenticity and organic beauty in all of our imagery. It will always be real.


Moments & Memories Photography 

Wedding photography starts at $2000

Wedding videography starts at $2000

Combo package starts at $3000


We strictly shoot in outdoor locations with natural light. We strive to create images that feel beautifully authentic, yet engagingly ethereal. Touch ups are included in pricing, though please note that none of our images will ever feel computer-generated or altered.

Single-person headshots start at $150

Family and group portraits start at $300

Corporate group shots and other portraits - please contact for pricing.



Product Photography

We prefer not to use a studio for product shots, and rather seek to exude the product's qualities within a natural or urban setting. Green-screen or white backgrounds are clean, but ultimately quite boring!

Please contact for customized pricing. 

Other Event or Business Photography:

Please contact us for customized pricing.

Other Videography

Please contact - we're always up for a challenge!

Photo Restoration

Starts at $25 per image.